Hebraic Roots of Worship
21 August 2019 ABRAHAM: A True Worshipper of God who had a deep revelation and relationship with ABBA The Father God. Even God called him His friend, because he understood the heart of God.
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Think the way God thinks!
7 August 2019 Do you know that our minds are powerful, and our thoughts shape who we are and will become? Changing the way you think changes your perspective which changes how you act in the world.
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Sometimes mountains need to be moved, & sometimes they need to be moved on from
24 July 2019 You might be on the top of a mountain enjoying the view, going around one searching for the path you should take or camping at the bottom when God tells you to leave. Perhaps reaching the mountain had been a great accomplishment, the achievement of a life time. It could be that being on the mountain marks a season you want to remain in, a place of comfort.
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Notes from an Accidental Musician
10 July 2019 Are we prepared to pioneer once again? To make room for worship songwriting, that acknowledges that life can be hard, painful and full of disappointment for most of us. If we are honest we cannot say that “God is good all the time”. Especially when we experience tragedy and unanswered prayer. Life is complicated and full of questions.
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When the Walls Fell
22 Mar 2018 Like our favourite movie that we can quote from start to finish, or that pitch perfect GRAMMY performance we love to lip-sync to, there are Bible stories so precious to us that we know them inside out.
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What Three Churches Have Taught Me About Integrating Young People Into Worship
12 Mar 2018
How about we skip over the bit that explains why getting young people into worship teams is important, and jump straight to a confession instead?
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10 Guidelines for Successful Worship Leaders
16 Feb 2018 Here are my Top 10 guidelines for successful worship ministry. I have been leading worship teams for 30 years, but I still go back to this list to see what I need to work on!
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Are You Creating Room for the Holy Spirit?
11 Feb 2018 When it comes to worship, we are obsessive about the atmosphere.
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10 Attitudes of a Healthy Worship Team
6 Feb 2018- I recently read the 10 commitments that the Hillsong Worship Team use. I thought it was so good I wanted to share a version that I adapted for my team.
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