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"There is an incredible heritage that is in the fabric of the British Isles. In the last century revivals sprung up in major cities throughout this nation and served as catalysts for incredible moves of God on all the continents of the world. These wells over the many centuries have been covered over by secular human mystic thinking. But these wells have never run dry.

We at KWM recognise the prophetic role that the UK has played in releasing revival and are committed to redigging the wells in our cities and becoming conduits for a move of God that will touch Europe and the World in this present season." Noel Robinson

Prayer: A great Awakening

Renewal London 2015

Renewal London 2015

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Full two day and evening Pass for Renewal London 2015 at New Wine Church, Woolwich

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Live Clip of Renewal London Fri 1 Feb 2013

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